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Seurico™ Adjustable Waterproof Universal Cat and Dog Suspender Boots for Outdoor Use

Seurico™ Adjustable Waterproof Universal Cat and Dog Suspender Boots for Outdoor Use

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Seurico™ Adjustable Waterproof Universal Cat and Dog Suspender Boots for Outdoor Use

Seurico™ Adjustable Waterproof Universal Cat and Dog Suspender Boots for Outdoor Use

Regular price $32.97
Regular price $32.97 Sale price $69.97
SAVE 52% Sold out

 You should have a pair of boots like these to get your pet out the door whenever you want!

A boot that's unaffected by weather or road conditions, go from scorching hot sidewalks to icy trails with the Seurico™ boot. It's not just about comfort; it's about ensuring their safety in every step.


Genuine Praise from Our Satisfied Pet Parents

"With my odd hours, it's usually dark when Duke (my dog) and Whiskers (my cat) can go for a walk. The reflective straps on their Seurico™ boots have made our walks safer, and honestly, they both seem to love the attention they get from passersby!" - Robert


“Our little Tina (a cat) used to shiver after snow walks, but her Seurico™ boots keep her tootsies so warm. They fit her mini paws perfectly, and they don’t twist around like others did. Plus, cleaning them is a snap, just a quick wipe and we’re done!” - Debbie

Resilience in All Conditions

Crafted with high-quality, water-resistant fabric, Seurico™ boots provide unparalleled protection for your pet. Whether facing heavy rain, deep snow, or sizzling summer pavements, these boots ensure your pet's paws are safe and comfortable. Their sturdy construction offers a dependable defense against harsh elements like icy conditions, muddy trails, and even salted roads during winter.

Additionally, the durable material and reinforced soles are designed to prevent injuries from sharp stones, thorns, and other potentially harmful objects that your pet might encounter on their adventures.


Introducing Seurico™ Outdoor Pet Suspender Boots

Our innovative design is not just a boot; it's a promise of security and comfort for your four-legged companion, whether they bark or purr. Seurico™ Suspender Boots are interconnected, providing peace of mind that no boot will go missing, no matter how playful or adventurous your pet may be.

2023 Latest Technology

EMPEL Technology: Developed by Green Theme Technologies, this is a PFAS-free and waterless textile coating platform that outperforms current waterproof treatments. Our pet boots utilize this technology, ensuring 100% waterproof protection for both dogs and cats.

Unmatched Paw and Leg Protection for Every Pet

A Perfect Fit Every Time: Adjustability is key for pet boots, and our suspender boots offer just that. The secure and snug fit ensures that your pet's paws and legs are protected without restricting their natural movements.


Safety That Shines: Reflective Velcro straps make your pet visible during night walks, enhancing safety for both dogs and cats.


Tailored for Every Breed and Size


For the Petite Paws: Ideal for small breeds and cats. No more tripping over or getting tangled in boots that are too long!


For the Long-Legged Leapers: Perfect for larger dogs and agile cats, offering full coverage without compromising comfort.


What Others Are Saying

"I've tried many boots for Sam (my dog) and Luna (my cat), but they either rip or get lost. Seurico™ boots not only stay on but have survived their digging escapades without a scratch!" - Vanessa

“Willow (my cat) used to hate winter walks. Now, she prances around like a kitten thanks to her Seurico™ boots. They keep her dry, warm, and slip-free on icy sidewalks. Plus, they look absolutely adorable!” - Joseph


Frequently Asked Questions

Will the boots stay on during vigorous activity?

Absolutely, the interconnected suspender design keeps the boots snug and secure, whether your pet is running, jumping, or playing. This applies to both dogs and cats, ensuring they can enjoy their activities without losing their footwear.


Are these boots suitable for all weather conditions?

Yes, they're made with water-resistant fabric and have non-slip soles for stability, making them perfect for any season. This is true for both hot summer streets and snowy winter paths, ensuring comfort for both dogs and cats.


How do I choose the right size for my pet?

We provide a detailed sizing chart. Measure your pet's paw width and leg height, whether they are a dog or a cat, and select the size that matches most closely for a perfect fit.


Can my pet swim with these boots on?

While the boots are water-resistant, they're not designed for swimming. It's best to remove the boots before your pet, be it a dog or a cat, enters the water to ensure their longevity and your pet's safety.


How do I clean the boots?

The boots are very easy to clean; simply wipe them down with a damp cloth or hand wash them in cold water and let them air dry. This is convenient for both dog and cat owners.


Are the materials used in the boots safe for my pet?

Absolutely, the materials are non-toxic and pet-safe. We prioritize the health and safety of your pets, whether they are dogs or cats.


Will the boots prevent my pet from feeling the ground?

No, they're designed to allow your pet to feel the ground adequately for confidence in their step while still providing protection. This is important for both dogs and cats to maintain their natural gait.


My pet has never worn boots before. Will they be comfortable?

There may be an adjustment period, but Seurico™ boots are designed for maximum comfort. Many owners, of both dogs and cats, report their pets adapt quickly to wearing these boots.


Do the reflective straps really make a difference at night?

They certainly do! The straps are highly reflective, significantly improving your pet's visibility during night walks, which is essential for both dogs and cats.


What if the boots don't fit my pet?

We aim for full satisfaction, so if the fit isn't right for your dog or cat, you can return them for a different size or request a refund as per our return policy.

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